Seminar online den 26 mars 2021, The Sustainable Shine Dome

Seminar online den 26 mars 2021, The Sustainable Shine Dome

The Sustainable Shine Dome
Fotograf: Caro Sodar


The Sustainable Shine Dome: Planning Sustainable Futures for Heritage

”The University of Canberra has partnered with the Australian Academy of Science, GML Heritage and GHD Engineering to develop an innovative sustainability plan for a net-zero emissions future for the National Heritage listed Canberra landmark, the Shine Dome. The multidisciplinary research team is investigating world leading approaches to ensure progressive energy and emissions reductions and a range of sustainability measures that will contribute to the ongoing protection and promotion of the Shine Dome’s unique national heritage values.

As part of this research project a series of three public symposia are being held that build a conversation around heritage values and sustainability.

This symposium will consider approaches to theorising, measuring and approaching environmental, social, and cultural sustainability, with case study examples that contribute to a zero carbon future and add to discussions on how we might plan for and promote sustainable heritage values.

Date & Time:       Friday 26 March 2021, 2 – 4 pm

Location:              Australian Academy of Science Shine Dome, Canberra, and Online”

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