Nytt examensarbete om solceller på kyrkor

Nytt examensarbete om solceller på kyrkor

I Kunskapsdatabasen återfinns nu Niklas Hansens examensarbete Solceller i skyddade kyrkomiljöer – En studie om solelproduktion och kulturmiljöskydd på kyrkor. Arbetet behandlar den svåra frågan om möjligheter och problematik kring solceller på kyrkor.


This thesis considers churches, the cultural environments and
electricity production by solar cells. The cultural environment
are protected by law and do not go well with an installation of
solar cells. Seven churches with different design and building
materials were used in this thesis. The churches used were the
Church of Eriksberg, the Church of Glumslöv, the Church of Kisa,
the Church of Laxsjö, the Church of Långserud, the Church of
Vansbro and the Cathedral of Luleå. By the use of ArcMap the roofs
with the most solar radiation potential could be found using LIDAR
data. A following calculation of solar electricity production
showed great potential on the often south faced church rooftops.
The literature and calculations made it possible to locate and
discuss important factors, when planning a solar cell installation
in a cultural protected church environment. The factors included
in this thesis are:
– The cultural environmental law
– Visibility, hight and shadows.
– Inclinination, orientation.
– Roof material/color and type of installation needed.
– Load profile
– Governmental support and grants
With the cultural environmental law changing meaning with time.
What is considered an intrusion on the cultural environment today
may not be an intrusion tomorrow.

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