CALL FOR PAPERS — Heritage values of 20th century architecture

CALL FOR PAPERS — Heritage values of 20th century architecture

Foto: St Peter’s College, byggt 1966. Fotograf: Jaffa600 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

CALL FOR PAPERS — Heritage values of 20th century architecture: what recognition? Critical review and international forward-looking vision

Inför en specialutgåva av In Situ går man just nu ut med ett call for papers. Utgåvan syftar till att ta ett europeiskt eller internationellt kritiskt perspektiv på 1900-talets arkitektur och lyfta fram metoder, policyer samt exempel på projekt som stärkt kunskapen.

Redaktörerna beskriver den generella kontexten på följande sätt:

The heritage values of 20th century architecture, whether they be cultural, social or technical, remain relatively complex to assess, and thus to share, due to lack of perspective and knowledge. The architectural and urban production of the second half of the 20th century was particularly prolific, sometimes remarkable, even exceptional.

The energy, ecological transition, the changing habits and lifestyles are leading to the gradual transformation of this built heritage reaching to the end of its life cycle.

Today, many countries with a post-industrial economy are confronted with the challenge to bring about changes in these buildings and neighbourhoods in order to meet the increasing social demand, without compromising their original architectural interest and qualities.


Deadline för inlämning av sammanfattande artikelförslag är 15 december.

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